Life List

35/77 completed

Learn to speak fluent German
Build my own campfire and toast marshmallows
Have a pen pal
Take part in a Mongol Rally (what is it?)
Take pictures of everyday things that I enjoy (Instagram helps with this – @anchoriffic)
Collect 100 train tickets (56/100)
Watch a rugby game (Cardiff Blues v Treviso, 22/09/12)
Tour of the Millennium Stadium
Take a photograph every day for a month
Go to a drive in cinema
See Stacey’s house in Barry Island
Go on a date to the theatre
See the ISS (Summer 2013)
Own a Manga drawing of myself
Spend a night or two in a treehouse
Take part in the disposable memory project
Do the 100 Strangers photography project
Have a professional photograph taken of me
Watch a film at the Grosvenor Cinema
Meet a celebrity
Read Looking for Alaska by John Green
Cook a three course meal
Bake my own welshcakes (weren’t as nice as the bought ones)
Hire a retro campervan and do a mini tour of somewhere in Britain
Make my own picnic

Sponsor a penguin S
Volunteer for a charity
Give blood (27/11/12 Also had a lovely chat about Welsh bands with the nurse!)
Live in a house with a real fireplace
Have someone buy one of my photographs
Pass Higher English (Second sitting!)
Live in Cardiff
Have my own flat/house
Buy an apartment in the Hayes
Raise money for charity (Over £200 raised doing a 5k run for Cancer Research)
Have a piece of writing published in a magazine or newspaper
Learn first aid
Learn to sew

See Mumford and Sons live (5th December SECC Glasgow)
Learn to play a song on the guitar
Learn to play a song on the ukelele
Get singing lessons

See Kids In Glass Houses three times live (2/3)


Buy a lomography camera
Own a record player (Santa delivered one of these for me! 2012)
Buy 5 vinyls (5/5 bought)
Buy an anchor bracelet (Bought by the lovely Amy from my internship)
Buy a soft toy penguin and take pictures of it as if it were one of my own  (Waddles bought at Bristol Zoo)
Buy a big issue
Own a typewriter and actually use it
Own a ring with an anchor engraved onto it

See the Northern Lights
Go to Cardiff (3/06/12)
Visit Barry Island
Stay at the Icehotel in Sweden
See Niagara Falls
Climb to the top of the Scott Monument
Stand on the glass floor of the CN tower
Visit Japan
Drive to another country (Glasgow to Cardiff, 3/06/12)
Visit Cardiff in Winter (29th December 2012)
Experience Disneyland at an age I can actually remember
Visit the Enchanted Forest in Scotland
Romantic weekend away

Go to Camp Grounded

Spend summer in a Canadian camp

Stroke a penguin
Work in the Lego shop in Cardiff
Steal a road sign
Carve a pumpkin
Own Seamonkeys
Grow my hair
Sleep in a Wigwam
Go a day without fizzy juice
Befriend a Welshman
Befriend someone from Canada
Stroke a beard
Eat a doughnut from Krispy Kreme
Have an internet and phone free day
Become addicted to Welshcakes
Win a prize (3/11/12 Won bowling tickets, travel set, sweets and wine at a raffle)
Find the famous bench from Stella (Disappointed bench wasn’t there! – Easter 2013)
Make a date jar
Have my picture taken next to the keys in Crosskeys


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