I’m Roslyn Smith and I’m an advertising student with a name that gets misspelt more times than Taylor Swift has been in a relationship (that’s a lot by the way).

I’m one of those rare types who actually likes watching adverts and I even have a few of my personal favourites. If we ever get chatting, you will probably end up watching them. Lucky you.

I’ve decided that I’d quite like to be a copywriter and if you’re wondering what that is, then I don’t think this blog is for you. I over analyze everything, get huffy when I see bad spelling mistakes and I have been known to steal menus and beer mats just because the wording on it made me snigger.

I’m not all advert singing and dancing really, I do enjoy snapping life up with my Canon camera and I am happiest when driving along country roads with my music blaring discovering quaint places that I never knew existed. You can almost always find me on a plane to Wales.

My blog doesn’t really have a purpose other than its a little section of the big web that’s all mine. Somewhere I can post opinions, things that make me laugh (which is a lot of things) and personal musings.

Oh and please remember, everything I write may be wrong. I’m just a learner after all.

Stick around.

Twitter – @copytyper

E-mail: roslynadpr@gmail.com

LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/pub/roslyn-smith/59/813/a03

Or befriend me on Facebook – it’s new and a professional one so I’ve not got many friends!

Seen any bad spelling mistakes lately? If you managed to get picture evidence, e-mail them into me and I’ll post them on my blog. Don’t worry you will get the credit for your great find. Let’s put all spelling crimes to shame!

If you’d like to guest blog, e-mail me or tweet me to get more information.


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