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Guest Blog: Benefits of Using Google+ For Your Business

Benefits of using Google+ for your business

 To be a success, today’s business should keep the hand on the pulse of online business trends. Everything is changing very fast, and sometimes using the current opportunity can definitely lead you to success.

When talking about social media promotion, most of us mean promoting via Twitter and Facebook. Meanwhile, the position of Google+ social network becomes stronger and you cannot ignore that any longer! Google+ offers some great opportunities for your business page.

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All you need at the beginning is to create a page (that is very fast) and fill in the ‘About’ section. The info you entered will be shown as a meta description in the search results.

Check the extra facilities and create your business page if you still don’t have one:

  1. It’s fast-growing. Google+ is called the fastest growing social networking site ever. It has over 140 million active users, and over 60% visit the site every day. The time spent on the site is also constantly increasing.
  2. Advanced use of hashtags. Hashtags can be used to gain exposure of search engine of Google. If you don’t add you own hashtags, some of them are inserted automatically.
  3. Use the advantages of cover photo. You can use it as an interesting way to promote your new product, upcoming sales or local shop.
  4. Big impact on search rankings. All these +1s and shares on your posts are seen as social recommendations and influence on what the users seen in search results.
  5. Google+ Authorship. If you link your website or blog to the Google+ account, it will let you claim the authorship of the content. Now your photo will be shown nearby your article in the search results. At first, this will ensure you more traffic to the Google+ page which is linked to the site. At second, you get more clicks as such results are ranked higher. And at third, the other posts get more attention via “More by” link.
  6. Local pages let the users to review the businesses and places that they visited. These pages are also indexed by the search engines. So, if your local page contains all necessary information, encourages reviews and communication with users, it will definitely be ranked high.
  7. Use the power of communities. Create the community to attract even more audience. It’s a great place to let your clients share the feedback with each other. You can initiate a dialogue with your customers, get the crucial feedback and knowledge how to improve your services or product. What is more, the content published here is also indexed by search engine.
  8. Try Hangouts. Hangouts let you have a real-time conversation both with your clients and partners.

As you see, Google+ can provide your business page with numerous benefits. And if you want to promote your business, don’t miss the chance to use all of them.

About the author: Paul Smith has many areas of interest. In particular he enjoys writing about business, social media, new gadgets, technology and fashion. Contact him at Google+ and at quality custom essay.


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