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Greggs and their Social Media Win

Today is the big day that every Doctor Who fan has been waiting for – the 50th anniversary episode.

Many are going to watch it on tv but lots (like me) are going to the cinema to see it!

Anyway, this is a blog about advertising so lets talk about Greggs.

Yes, Greggs. What does Greggs and Doctor Who have to do with each other? Well if you look at Greggs recent social media feeds, a lot actually.

They have mentioned on their website a new product – Fish Fingers and Custard.


I really hope this is actually going to be a product otherwise I think lots of people are going to be disappointed!

Greggs have also posted a Guess Who picture game on their Facebook page which features all the Doctors drawn as sandwiches and cakes.


Greggs have shown that it doesn’t have to be a festive holiday or something known worldwide for you to celebrate it and make it a big deal. By posting things about Doctor Who, they are targeting all of Doctor Who’s fans (which is a hell of a lot!) and plus fan bases can be extremely loyal. So anything that mentions their favourite tv programme or show will make them want to share it with their friends.

Good on Greggs for being different from all the other boring brands!


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