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Why I Think John Lewis Don’t Have The Best Xmas Ad

People always have high expectations for John Lewis’ adverts. They are always really good storytelling adverts however this year, I think other brands did better.

John Lewis’ advert was good but I don’t think it was better than their previous adverts. I felt the idea of the bear and the hare was basically just so they could make bear and hare toys to sell in store (a bit like the Argos aliens). So to me, it didn’t feel like a sweet story, it felt more like it was just based around someone’s genius plan to make loads of money out of one advert. Yes it is a nice advert but I much preferred Sainsbury’s advert this year.

Sainsbury’s really outdid themselves this year I think. Their new advert which is real has so many funny moments in it yet so many sad ones, it actually left me with tears in my eyes! I love how they have decided to create a film out of it too called Christmas in A Day, something you wouldn’t expect from a brand!  The advert was so real that people even had food from the Co-op on their kitchen counters.Lots of people said that Sainsbury’s should be embarrassed by that, but why? That just shows how real it was that they left their competitor’s products in it! Perhaps Sainsbury’s also feel like their brand isn’t in danger from the Co-op.

Christmas Day is always such a huge day and lots of people have high expectations of the day turning out perfectly when in fact their situations may not be great. That’s why I really liked the advert and I think it’s why people will want to see how other people’s days go because we’re used to our own family traditions, we don’t know how others celebrate it.

Here’s the advert, you might need a hug after the end –


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