Names Can Drive Customers Wild

Did you hear of the man from Croatia who made Facebook ice -cream? He simply drizzled blue syrup over vanilla ice -cream and called it Facebook. No expensive ingredients used and people have been going wild for it.

Why? Because he called it Facebook.

Asda have recently been selling Festive Flying Saucers. There’s nothing really festive about flying saucers but sticking a label with a snowman on it and calling the sweets festive, seems to go down well with their customers.

I’ve even seen Morrisons selling Halloween Cookies that are just normal cookies.

So why do we want to buy something just because of a name? I think it’s about getting into the spirit of things. At Christmas time, everyone is excited and if a product has a snowman or Santa on it, people are going to want to buy it because they can’t buy the product at any other time.

The Facebook ice cream is a little different though, people go mad for that because they like Facebook, they are loyal to the brand.

It’s like seeing a mug with your favourite film on it and suddenly you want it because you love the film.

I’m not complaining about products that are made to feel spooky or Christmassy ( like chocolate Christmas trees or lemon and slime cake bars). It’s things like ordinary chocolate bars being passed off as being special just for an event.

So what have you learned today?

When it’s Christmas, Halloween, Easter or any other holiday, stick the name of the holiday before the name of the product and watch people go mad.

And if you want people to buy your product, stick a name of a popular brand on it. Although you might want to check what you’re doing is legal first.

I take no responsibility for your actions!

Ghoulish Clusters, nothing scary about those

Scary fingers that are just the same as their normal fingers

Gummy sweets that are ‘festive’


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