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GTA V: An Advertising Student’s View

It hasn’t been long since Grand Theft Auto V was released and lots of people queued up to buy it. Unlike silly people like me who had to drive to different shops because they didn’t reserve a copy.

GTA V is everything and more I expected it to be, it’s definitely the best video game I have played yet.

But because this is an advertising and blog and sadly not a gamer one, I’m going to look at the adverts that appeared in GTA V.

If you’ve played GTA before, you’ll know that Rockstar like to poke fun at brands in the real world by creating brands in GTA that imitate those in real life.

iFruit is GTA’s answer to the iPhone


GTA’s clothes shop Swallow looks like Hollister


Burger King turns into Burger Shot in GTA


“RIP P.M.S.” This one just makes me laugh

There’s loads more on the game but you’ll need to just buy the game to see them!


7 thoughts on “GTA V: An Advertising Student’s View

    • That’s awesome! Really like your Tumblr. I always want to take loads of pictures whilst I’m playing the game but I don’t think I need to now with the amount of pictures you have!

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