Advert Favourites

August Favourites

TalkTalk – Date Night

TalkTalk have really impressed with this sweet advert. When I first saw it, I thought it was an advert for a home decor brand! I could watch it over and over again.

John Lewis – Things Matter

Usually John Lewis adverts are based on their wide range of products, however this time they have gone for an advert that only promotes their home insurance. Very creative advert with all the furniture moving, I like how it focuses on the positive side of insurance and doesn’t try to guilt trip the reader. As always, John Lewis have picked a lovely cover of a song to go with it. John Lewis adverts never fail to impress.

Water Is Life – 4 Year Olds Bucket List

I never usually like charity adverts, as most of them try to make us feel so guilty about not donating money or they’re either so sad that you would rather turn to another channel than watch it. This advert is very different. Water Is Life has helped a four year old boy who might not live to his fifth birthday, by giving him a chance to do everything on his bucket list. You can see him having a bubble bath in one part of the advert and that hits home how lucky we are that we take being able to have a bath for granted. Amazing advert that doesn’t pressurize us into giving money but makes us want to donate all the same.


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