Why Job Hunting Makes Me Angry

When will employers realise that to have experience we need the job?

I’m a student and struggling to find a job that has suitable hours in a suitable location. All I’m looking for at the moment are sale assistant jobs, nothing that you need a degree for or that requires a whole bunch of talents.

Yet every time I’m job searching, I find that people are posting sales assistant jobs with “must have __ years of experience”. Is that really needed? For a job where I’m going to be doing a small amount of cash handling and communicating with other people, I suddenly need tons of experience. I talk to my family and friends on a daily basis, does that count as experience? I handle my own money and can even tell you the difference between a 50p coin and a 5p coin.  Still doesn’t count?  I do actually have a small amount of retail experience but it still irritates me when people are being rejected for jobs for not having enough experience. Especially when it’s a job where somebody’s life isn’t on the line.

Here’s the part where I introduce my vicious job hunting cycle:



2 thoughts on “Why Job Hunting Makes Me Angry

  1. It never ends, either – I have a master’s degree in computer information systems, 14 industry certifications, and was turned down for a promotion because, despite the job I applied for internally at work stating it was ‘entry level’ for that field, I didn’t have the ‘experience’ in the software the position was working with. It sucks, I hope you do well going forward, just know that it’s a constant cycle.

    • Ugh, I don’t know what they mean by experience. I’ve heard that people with 6 years work experience have been turned down as they didn’t have enough experience. Not sure why they can’t ‘risk’ hiring someone with less experience than they wished for. It’s a cycle I hope breaks at some point in the future!

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