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Last Week I Was Marie

The Share a Coke campaign has been going for a while now. I can’t quite decide whether I like it or not. My name never appears on anything, the closest I’ve gotten is ‘Rosie’ and I hate when people call me that. So when Coke decided to put people’s names on the bottles, I was disappointed not to be able to have a personalised one. What I like about the campaign is that everyone is talking about it. People are tweeting about it, instagramming pictures and uploading photos to Facebook. Everyone is talking about it. What I don’t like? People questioning how I know a Sarah just because I’m drinking a bottle of Coke with that name on it. I think it makes people who don’t have their names available on the bottles not want to buy it but that’s my opinion.

I’ve just got back from France, and I loved seeing the French version of the campaign. There were Quentins, Maries and Christelles. It’s funny seeing how different the names are in another country, which is a good job that Coca Cola didn’t give every country Dan or Amandeep bottles.

(This blog post may be a bit random but I really just wanted to show pictures of the French Coke bottles, sorry!)


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