Gettin Down Wif Da Kidz

Looking at the fruit juice section in Asda, it was hard not to notice the dark cans with bright emoticon style faces on them.The cans are filled with a fizzy fruit juice that are one of your five a day. It all sounds good so far until you read the cans.

The name of the juice is LOL.

As we all know LOL is a text form of Laugh Out Loud. But why call a product this?

The drinks are supposed to be for children but children don’t want to be spoken to as though they are silly. Shortening words to appear cool and down to earth with children can be more cringe-worthy than brilliant. I think a lot of brands should research more into what their target market actually like because I really don’t think the LOL drink is a good representation of what children and young adults like.

Enough about the name, the flavours of the drinks are what are really quite bad. You may be familiar with Wackaging, a style of wacking writing that is seen on packaging. Well, the flavours of the LOL drink are written in a style of wackaging. The names are: B Current, O Ranj and Razz Bri. I’d maybe understand the logic behind the names if the flavours were also characters but I don’t really get what the point of making the flavours sound really wacky is? Again, maybe this is what children supposedly like.

Maybe some children do think these drinks are cool but I personally think it’s trying too hard to be cool. And that can look quite unattractive.

What is more surprising though is that the LOL drinks are a product of Heinz. I recognise Heinz as a good, high quality brand but now knowing that the LOL drinks are a product of theirs, has slightly cheapened their image to me.

For a brand like Heinz, I think I expected a bit more.


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