I Love Lists

There, I said it.

I love lists.

Said it again.

There’s just something about writing lists that manages to organise the jumbled mess of thoughts that my brain contains into neat sections.

For me, not writing lists is like having a messy room; the less lists made/less I tidy my room up, the bigger the state that my mind/room becomes.

Lists aren’t just great for organising thoughts, they are also really useful online.

I’m even going to talk about lists in a list, how exciting!

Reasons Why Lists Are Useful Online

Easy to Skim

People -unless really interested in an article- don’t tend to read the whole thing. They skim over it which makes lists useful as lists put information into small sections making it easier to read and readers can still get a grasp of what the article is about by reading the headings.

No Limit

Lists can be as short or as long as needed and they can also be continuously added to.

Add Traffic To Your Blog

Many people will want to read your list especially if the title is enticing. For example a list with the title ’20 Tricks To Getting That Perfect Body’ would attract people who would want to know those tricks, like body conscious people or exercise enthusiasts. The idea is to make the title of your list seem as though people need to read the information in your list.

Straight to the Point

Lists prevent you from getting sidetracked and help you get straight to the point of your message.

So hopefully you have already learned that lists are extremely helpful, well I want to touch on one last type of list. That list is the life list.

Many people seem to have one, it’s a list where you put all the goals you want to achieve in your life. They can be put into categories which helps you find your goals a lot easier if you have written lots. Some examples of categories are travel, fun, silly, food, music, life and purchases. I really recommend making one, it makes you think about what you really want to achieve, whether those are big achievements or small. It’s a great way of recording what you have accomplished so far and a great way to cure boredom on a rainy day.

My life list can be found here:

I’m off to create a list of tasks to be tackled on a Wednesday.

Happy list making!


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