Why I Hate QR Codes

To view this page, you probably scanned the QR code. And to scan the QR code you probably had to download a QR app. To download the QR app you had to have a good signal or be in a wifi zone.

By the time you have done all that, you could have just typed in the web address yourself.

Reasons why I hate QR codes:

  • QR codes don’t actually save time, everyone has to open up the app and scan the code every time they see one.
  •  They look horrible. Unless cleverly designed, the majority of QR codes look terrible. I’ve seen so many nice posters and flyers ruined by a large white and black QR code slapped onto it.
  • QR codes need to be in places with good signals otherwise they are pointless. I’ve seen QR codes on in-flight magazines where you aren’t even supposed to have your phone off flight mode and it’s where you are definitely not going to receive any signal. QR codes can be saved, but if that’s the case then why doesn’t someone just write down the website or type a note on their phone?
  • If the QR code is too big, people won’t be able to scan it as it won’t fit on their phone screens. So brands who put a large QR code on posters etc, are doing themselves no favours as people can’t scan the QR code and they probably have no idea of the web URL.
  • The worst part is, people think they are cool for using them. Like QR codes are the ‘in’ thing. If you want to do something cool ,check out Blippar and leave the white tacky QR code alone.

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