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A Fabby Blog Post about the Nutty, Barmy World of Wackaging. Bonkers!

Wackaging is basically wacky writing on the packaging of products. It’s supposed to be a fun, quirky way of talking to customers. Instead of calling a chocolate bar – a chocolate bar – a brand might say ‘an oozy woozy yummy in your tummy chocolate bar’. It’s a very childlike way of writing.

Innocent smoothies have been said to use a lot of wackaging but I think their tone of voice is  funny  and not embarrassing. They first introduced this new quirky way of writing and many other brands have tried to follow but took the embarrassing and unfunny route instead. For many brands it sounds as though they have employed  people who try to be down with the kids by calling everyone ‘bruv’ and replacing ‘four’ with ‘4’.

If you are still unsure what wackaging is, here are a few examples:

Photos taken from

People are always saying ‘talk to the customer as though they were six’, but I think these wacky styles of writing would be insulting even for a six year old. Who wants to buy a product that makes you cringe?

I agree that things should be made simple to understand but can brands sometimes be too simple and try too hard to be unique and quirky?

Let me know what you think about wackaging in the comments below.


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