Books You Should Definitely Read If You’re Into Copywriting

I used to really enjoy reading books when I was younger. I’d always disappear off to the library, with my dog-eared paper library card and a large bag to carry all the books I’d be shuffling home. Many hours were spent in that small, crummy building.

As soon as I started exams, I didn’t have time to read books – I lost interest in them completely.

Now, I’ve managed to rekindle my love for a good book and after a chat with a Copywriter I was recommended some books which I decided to buy.

1. How To Write Great Copy – Dominic Gettins

I like the layout of the book, it explains in detail the eight parts of writing great copy.  At times, I had to re-read sections just to really understand what was being said but it does help a lot and I think that after reading this, I will look at tackling creative briefs a lot differently. The book is written in clear sections which will make it a lot easier to find information that I want to read again.

2. Hey Whipple, Squeeze This! – Luke Sullivan

This is my favourite book out of all that were recommended to me. It’s written in a style that is light hearted and you forget that you are actually learning. The language is simple to read which meant that I really understood what was being said. Sullivan incorporates important ideas from other people and books too, so you are getting a varied opinion of what makes a great advert. He explains how to put together a good portfolio and doesn’t just tell you to do something, he shows you how to. Everything that is mentioned is backed up with an example and I know that I will be returning to this book again when I need some advice.



Both books I bought second hand from Amazon, they didn’t cost much and they came in great condition.


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