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A Possible No1 For Fiat?

The  big news in the world of cars is that the Fiat 500 has gone large. It can now apparently fit five passengers with five suitcases whereas before I’d imagine people would be crammed into the tiny car.

What’s interesting about the Fiat 500L is the way in which Fiat are advertising it. They have created two music videos for the new car and both are aimed at parents. The first music video is about motherhood and is sung like a rap and the second about fatherhood which reminds me of an 80’s boyband.

I really like the music videos; it’s different because you wouldn’t expect a car manufacturer to produce music videos, the songs are actually quite good, the lyrics are funny and it’s been produced in a very lighthearted way.

The Motherhood

The Fatherhood

It’s nice to see Fiat do something quite new, I think many people are fed up of seeing the usual serious car adverts.

You can also download the two songs as ringtones.

Not that I have done that…


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