Social Media

Did you see these tweets from Tesco?

Recently, I tweeted about Tesco.


Tesco’s twitter account was tweeting a user named frogprincess79 and the tweets seemed a little inappropriate for daytime tweeting. Tesco and frogprincess79 deleted a lot of their tweets but I was able to find the above when I searched for frogprincess79.

Tesco do have a large social media presence on Twitter however lately I can’t help thinking that they reply to silly tweets when they should just ignore them.  Tweets like ‘how many customers have you had today?’ are personally, not worth replying to. Reply to customers who are unsatisfied with the service or products, reply to tweets that will actually make a decent conversation.

The way in which a brand writes is an important part of their image. Correct punctuation and grammar is a must however Tesco seem very childlike in their tweets which gives me the impression that a young teenager is sat at a computer typing on behalf of them. The over use of the ‘ ;)’ emoticon is quite irritating and every tweet just seems to try too hard to impress their customers.

I think Innocent ( @innocentdrinks) are very good at social media, they don’t reply to every mention they get however they do post interesting tweets and they do reward their customers with regular money off vouchers. They don’t boast about their products constantly and produce tweets that allow people to respond and interact with them.

I’m not saying that I am great at social media but as a customer of both Tesco and Innocent, I get quite a different impression from both twitter accounts.


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