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4 Weird Apps Related To Advertising

Curious as to what apps were available on the App Store, I searched for advertising based apps on my iPhone and I found these apps that are well, quite weird.

1. Virtual Art Director

This app gives you random assignments from a bald, bearded man that once created, you can take a picture of it and tweet it with the hashtag ‘#virtualartdirector’. Curious, I searched the hashtag on Twitter and found no responses.

20130306-031655.jpg    20130306-031703.jpg

2. Dan O Day’s Amazing Bad Commercial Generator

To begin the Amazing Bad Commercial Generator, you have to give the name of your client, the product or service that will be advertised and the client’s phone number. Next stage is selecting some selling phrases which range from ok to awful. Once the phrases have been selected, your radio copy is completed and ready for you to share with your social networks. Although I personally wouldn’t share it, unless you don’t want a job!
20130306-032217.jpg 20130306-032225.jpg

3. Ad Agency

A game where the aim is to stay employed and not get fired! You are first greeted by your assistant who is a ‘marshmallow chick’ and behind her is the lift which will lead you to your office where the creative sparks are supposed to be sparking. Projects appear in your inbox and to complete them you flick through a variety of scribbles on an easel to best suit the project. If you pick the wrong response, your clients won’t be happy and you will be on your way out the door accompanied by evil chortles from ‘marshmallow chick’ (not really).

4. Ad Patrol

At first I thought this was a game then I realised it’s an app with a purpose and that purpose is to report illegal billboard advertising in New York City. If you need help, there’s a clickable mobile phone where you can speak to a ‘cop’ who mostly tells you to leave him alone. To report an advert, you just need a picture and the name of the company advertised on the billboard and the address. Reporting adverts wins you points and the more points you have the higher you are on the ‘Top Patrollers’ leaderboard. Could this app be an excuse for me to move to New York?



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