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Poor Sony

One of the units I study in college is consumer behaviour where we have recently learnt about culture and how brands have to be careful what they advertise depending on the country it will be shown as some countries’ values differ from others.

Which got me thinking when I saw this advert from Sony:


It’s been talked about and blogged about quite a lot. The advert is in French and translates to “Touch both sides. Twice the sensations.”

The advert has only been seen in France and when pictures of the advert travelled its way around the web, people were shocked. Sexist is a word I’ve heard the Sony advert being described as a lot.

However, this is probably why the advert hasn’t been displayed in the UK. From people’s reactions, we would find it sexist and offensive. Maybe in France they would find this advert clever and funny.

It puzzles me why so many people who are not from France are offended by this advert yet it wasn’t aimed towards a UK market nor do they have to look at it. We aren’t the ones who will see this as we flick through a magazine, the residents of France will be.

These people who are complaining aren’t fully aware of the cultural values in France unless they do research. Sony is actually a smart brand, the dumb thing to do would be churning out the same advert for each country and managing to offend the majority of people.

So maybe before we judge a brand on their advertisements that aren’t even meant for us, we appreciate that every country has different cultural values and that brands will play around with these values and suit them to their chosen market.

Has anyone bothered to ask the people of France how they felt about this advert?


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