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Berrge Tattoo

9 times out of 10, whenever I see a QR code, I cringe. There are far too many companies small and large who use QR codes when they really don’t need to or they place them in ridiculous areas. On a billboard behind a train track for example where you would have to cross the train tracks to get close enough to scan the QR code. Or in an in-flight magazine where you definitely won’t receive a signal.

Anyway, I finally discovered a QR code that has been created tastefully (and that doesn’t make me cringe).

The QR code was displayed on an advert for Berrge Tattoo. The advert resembled skin and on the skin was a QR code. However the QR code wasn’t the usual black colour, it was light so it was able to be coloured in by readers. The advert was advertising jobs for tattoo artists and to apply, all they had to do was colour in the QR code and scan it. The code would then take them to the application form.


One thing I love about this is how they have targeted their chosen market. The advert will be doing half the work for Berrge Tattoo as only people with good drawing skills and a steady hand will take the time to fill out the QR code, eliminating people whose skills aren’t quite up to par.

I’d love to see some more companies use QR codes creatively like this.


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