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Super Ads

So, the Super Bowl was amazing, right? To be really honest, I didn’t actually watch the Super Bowl for the Super Bowl, I watched it for the adverts.

Don’t shoot me.

If you haven’t seen any yet, this link is handy:

I tried to pick my favourite then realised that was too tough, so I’ve narrowed it down to my favourite three. 

1. Oreo, Whisper Fight

I found this advert so funny, I love how they have played along with the idea that in a library you have to be quiet, even if there is a fire.

2. Kia, Space Babies

I think the adorable baby animals made me choose this one as one of my favourites. The idea of ‘Baby Landica’ is a nice new approach to the awkward but inevitable question that all parents will have to face at some point. Kia definitely get brownie points for the cute animals.

3. Doritos, Goat 4 Sale

Again, another funny one I’ve picked but I love how random it is. I mean, there’s a goat that loves Doritos. That is awesome. I love how it screams when all the Doritos have disappeared and how angry it becomes; smashing the picture, slamming doors. It’s all things that you would expect from humans, not a goat.

Looking forward to next year’s adverts already!


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