Life As An Advertising Student

I’ve been an advertising student for about 6 months now and it’s been a mixture of stress and fun.

I remember starting the course and wondering what it would be like. I mean how much can you say about an advert?

Turns out there is a lot.

The letter P isn’t just a letter anymore, it has seven times more meaning.

Target market become your two most used words and soon your finding information about a brand’s audience that in the past you would have thought was irrelevant. But now you understand why it’s important to know that more than half of your audience have an uncle over the age of 40 who is called Bob.

You begin to over analyse everything. Why did they put the logo there? Why did they choose the colour red? Did they use a woman to introduce a stereotype? Next you’re annoying your family by demanding to know if there was a reason they gave you the plate with the chip in it and not anyone else.

Presentations become a regular thing. Much like the fear of dread that accompanies standing up on your own and trying your hardest to remember word for word what you’re supposed to say.

Finally, you start to question why you bothered paying for a box that allows you to fast forward live television when you don’t even use the service because you actually want to watch the adverts. People usually make a cup of tea during an ad break, you certainly don’t.


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